Latin America countries in advancing a new economic world system
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Latin America countries in advancing a new economic world system
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The current economic crisis has induced the international community to examine closely the issue of reorganisation of the world economic order with a view to search a new paradigm of development which would correspond with the realities of today, having in mind a new alignment of forces on the international scene and the prompt overcoming of the crisis. Many countries of Latin America and in particular of the Southern part of the continent actively look for a new economic world order. Having little expectation as for the essential progress in this matter in the nearest future, they begin to form their own «financial and economic architecture». This article shows how the Latin American countries struggle for the reorganisation of the existing financial and economic system at the world and regional levels.
the world economic crisis, a new economic world order, the international economic forums, Latin America, the South American financial architecture, integration, Bank of the South, regional currency, ALBA, SELA, ECLAC, Group 20
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