BRICS: perspective of global governance
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BRICS: perspective of global governance
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An appreciation of the BRICS phenomenon from the standpoint of comparative economics and empirical evidence would be a limited and a reductionist approach, if it is not balanced by behavioral and integrationist perspectives, whether it be a realistic reaction to a threat or a neoliberal state-to-state cooperation. A possible theoretical explanation of the BRICS emergence and evolution as a form of a transgovernmental web action or a transnational spillover is a viable but yet a complementary instrument to the normative understanding of this newly formed coalition of the giant emerging countries. That is why the values' analysis of the post-colonial thinking, matured in the framework of the IBSA and eventually shared by China and Russia, give a clue to understanding the essence of the challenge launched by the BRICS to the guardians of the present political architecture of the world order.
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