About the Journal

Scientific journal

by Russian Academy of Sciences,

comprising research papers and articles on social and political problems.

Issued monthly.

Founded in 1969.

Established by Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Latin America.

Published under the authority of the Global Problems and International Relations Department of the RAS


«Latinskaya Amerika» journal

— a unique for Russia and the CIS professional multidisciplinary edition in Russian, which analyses the current theoretical, scientific and practical problems of Ibero-America;

— gives readers a wide panorama of the Ibero-American world, publishes exclusive interviews of heads of state, ministers, politicians, diplomats, parliamentarians and public figures, prominent representatives of science, business, culture and art, works of world-famous writers of Latin America, Spain and Portugal;

— included in the list of peer-reviewed journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission for the publication of works of applicants for scientific degrees;

—  included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) on the base of Web of Science;

— distributed in Russia and abroad among scientists, professors and students of higher educational institutions, as well as among the foreign service staff, parliamentarians and business persons.


In the Journal

- Politics

- Economy

- Social problems

- History

- International relationships

- Iberian aspect

- Culture

- Art and literature

- Reviews of new editions


The authors of the Journal are leading scientists of the ILA RAS; researchers from other Russian academic and non-academic research institutes studying international affairs; industry analysts; professors of specialized universities and postgraduate students; foreign researchers.

Our readership is international affairs experts: economists, political scientists, sociologists, cultural scientists, historians; professors, postgraduate students and students of specialized universities; heads and staff of federal and regional government bodies.

Subscription to the Journal is accepted at the post office under the United catalogue Press of Russia. Index — 70497. You can also purchase the Journal at: https://press.gaugn.ru

The Journal is not distributed in retail.